Boiliemaschine with Crank Small-Version

115.00 €
Delivery time: 8 day(s)


My boilie machine is for sale here. The boiling roller is made of ABS so it will last forever. In the manufacture of the boilie machine, attention is always paid to the highest precision, so that the boilies are really nice and round in the end.

Many boilie machines only have a small back wall, so that the dough is only very briefly between the bowl and the roller. On my machines, I have increased the angle of the back wall so that the dough is long between the bowl and the roller and the boilies are therefore more beautiful.

In addition, all machines are equipped with ball bearings so that it runs more smoothly.

The boiling scooter is equipped with a motor that can be easily connected to the socket. In addition, the motor has two adjustable speeds so that it can be better adapted to the dough. This means that a large number of boilies can be rolled very quickly. The motor fits every other of my boilie machines and can be changed from one machine to the other in a very short time.

Here is a link to the video:

Thanks to the fluid run, even larger quantities of boilies can be rolled off relatively quickly. At normal speed you can roll 60-80kg boilies per hour.

This is the Small-Version. So you can make 10 Boilies at one Time.

Available Diameter: