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Our center wall rollers are made of hard plastic on our CNC machines and are of indestructible quality.

The cell size is 4,9mm but can be made slightly larger or smaller if desired. Each of our machines is equipped with a crank, but can also be operated with a motor if desired.

The rollers are ball-bearing on both sides. Due to the ball bearings, the rollers run extremely quietly and will therefore last forever.

The two rollers were manufactured using a CNC milling and turning process. The highest level of precision was also taken into account. In the photos you can see my last foundations that I made with it.

The rollers have a length of 31cm. If you are still interested in a longer roller, just write to us. The machine was made from a mix of stainless steel and aluminum and is therefore food-safe and, above all, rust-free.

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