Raupen-Form Boiliemaschine with Crank

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We have developed another new model and would like to introduce it to you.

It doesn't differ much from the normal boilie rollers, only the boilie shape is different.

This means it is now possible to produce caterpillar-shaped boilies. The boilie roller was operated with a crank in the video. It is also possible to operate this with a motor, the video will be out tomorrow or the day after. The advantage of the motor is that you don't have to turn it by hand all the time, but you can produce a much larger quantity. The boilie is 20mm long and the nozzle diameter should be around 14-15mm to give it its nice shape. The boilie roller is also completely ball-bearing and runs smoothly. You can also use it normally with a cutter etc. Here you simply have the chance to try out a new form of water. In addition, as a boilie manufacturer you can also offer different shapes than the other providers.

There is a video here: https://youtube.com/shorts/Cz5rbCScV1I?feature=share