Saunakelle mit Regen Effekt Neu Edelstahl in 4-Eckig 250ml

from 45.00 €
(100 g = 13.24 €)
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Our sauna ladles are for sale here, completely handmade from stainless steel.

They are rectangular and have a capacity of approx. 250ml.

The sauna ladles can be ordered for left-handed as well as right-handed people.

The handle can also be made from different materials. The stem is 50cm long. This means the total length is approx. 60cm.

The drill holes were chosen to be extra small so that the liquid evaporates as quickly as possible when it hits the stones, thus ensuring the best possible vapor distribution and aroma distribution.

If you order with a desired label, you can leave your desired text under comments at the end of the ordering process.